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Make your make turned 2 today!
Thank you all for following this blog, sharing posts and giving your love! Keep an eye open, soon there will be a new makeup-post to enjoy!

Make your make turned 2 today!

Thank you all for following this blog, sharing posts and giving your love! Keep an eye open, soon there will be a new makeup-post to enjoy!

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The perfect BB Cream

Just wanna shout a big HURRAY to this magic-in-a-tube!
I’ve been using Bodyshops All-In-One BB Cream for about a month, and I just love what it’s doing with my face! 
It really keeps that glow troughout the whole day. It fixes my makeup and makes it look intact, which is one of the most important things, if you ask me. 

I’ve tried probably two handfuls of BB Creams the past year, and I have never felt the feeling I have with this one. Melts perfeclty into your skin!

My advice and special trick while using this product:
* Get your face all washed up, and use a conditioner to moisturises and protect your skin.
* Put on the BB Cream with either a foundationbrush or your fingers -personally I like to use my fingers!
* Now wait for a little while -let the BB Cream melt into your skin properly before you put any other makeup on. This helps your skin to not get an oily feeling or look!

Hope you also like this product as much as I do! And maybe there’s someone out there who dare try it after reading this ;)


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About Miley

Okay! Am taking some time to mini-analyze this quite widely considered outrageous girl - you all know who’m I’m talking about: Miley Cyrus. 
This pic is from the red carpet, right before the very start of this years VMA. 
I don’t believe that anyone of you have missed the wild, sexistic performance that Miley and Robin Thicke threw off a couple of days ago. Well, I can probably talk and air out all of my angry feelings. But this isn’t that kind of a blog, is it?!

No, instead I thought that it would be nice to actually give Miley a compliment for her pretty makeup! 
-Strong eyebrows, flirty eyes, a natural, flawless skin and hot, red lips. 
Well done Miley! (now we just have to take to a proper hairdresser cus lets face it..-your hair looks like it got stuck in a fire, burnt the most of the straws, but left behind those two small pathetic knobs!!)

We all hope that you one day actually grows up and change your behavour and looks for the better.. #mileythelostlittledisneyprincess


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Hello sunshine!

There’s a lot of different types of eyes out there.

Congratulations if you have those huge, sparkling ones that everybody wants!! 
Are you the lucky one? No?

Well, me neither..! But luckily we have a wonderful thing that can help us get at least a little bit bigger, a little bit flirty eyes.

Yes of course, I´m talking about makeup. What else..?  


The easiest way of creating a bigger eye is probably like this:

  • First of all, highlight your eyebrow and make it “pop out”! 
  • Then, fill in the rest of your eye with a base color and don’t forget to blend it in with both the highlight and the steps that follow. Make sure that there ain’t any “lines” between the colors. 
  • After that, follow the crease of your eye with a darker tint of any color that you think matches your “base color.” Blend, blend, blend!
  • Finish up with some mascara and eyeliner if you want to. 

This is, with some practice maybe, very simple and you can actually use it everyday. For a party-look, mix and match with bolder colors and don’t be shy to put that little extra on..!!

Be fabulous!

Love, Sofia

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Give your brushes some love!

It’s not only your skin that needs a wash every other day. Make sure that you clean your brushes too! Otherwise you will one day get a nasty surprise…

What do you need?

  • Of course your brushes
  • Brush shampoo (or shampoo made for normal hair without conditioner)
  • Hot water
  • A towel

What to do?

  1. Dampen the brush with warm water and let excess drip off.
  2. Add a small amount of shampoo to the brush and simply use the palm of your hand to massage the shampoo into the bristles of the brush.
  3. Rinse your brush under running water until the water turns clear from makeup. Make sure that your brush is absolutley clean from dirt. If it’s not, keep following step 2 & 3 until there are no signs of makeup.
  4. You can now use your towel by carefully run the bristles across it and then lay them flat across the towel to dry. Do not let them dry standing up! The water will loosen the glue keeping the bristles in the brush, over time. 

Repeat this ritual every other week. It will make your brushes last longer, and it helps your skin to feel a little bit better!

Out on the market you can also find a daily brush cleaner spray which you can use: daily! This brush cleaner is a anti-bacterial cleanser for quickly cleaning in-between makeup applications.
But do not skip the real washes just because your using this spray. Combine them! 

Where can you find these products?
Well, they’re getting more and more common actually. 

In Kicks stores you can find several brands:

  • I.D bareMinerals
  • Make Up Store
  • Kicks own brand

You can of course just google it, to find your nearest shop or favourite brand.

This is what I use: products from E.L.F


Treat your brushes well!

Love, Sofia

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